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We’ll connect you with people looking to hire pros in your area.

Find out how much your business can grow

Pool Pros gain an average of
$1.8m / year
They earn
$60k / pool
They increase their pool conversions by
+240 pools / year

How it works

Get important details

Customers fill out a detailed questionnaire that creates their pool profile.

Feature your business

Customers may favorite galleries adding more details to their pool profile.

Get leads for your business

When you get matched with a customer, a lead is created.

Win the work

When you purchase the lead, you will receive all the details you need to get in touch and convert the lead to a client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Launch and our team of partners have spent years building customer loyalty and trust. We’ve helped millions find the tools, information, and pool pros get the service they need to finance, build a maintain their pools.

Your business profile will appear in our pro directory at as well as our affiliates sites. Additionally, our platform matches you with qualified pool customers as leads, and be able to manage leads online.

Pool Leads are customers looking for pros with your skills in your area. We charge a fee when we send you a lead. Lead charges vary by project type and location. Leads are not guaranteed jobs, however and it is up to you to win the work once you get a lead.

When customers are looking for a pro, we match them with pros in our network. When you join our pro network, the specifications of leads you would like and where you want to work. We connect you with leads that fit your preferences.

No problem. We make it easy to request a lead credit. You can also fine-tune your services and ZIP code coverage to help us send you the best possible leads.

for Pros

Launch Prime includes upgraded profiles, sponsored quote-request positioning, and custom Pool Launch™ support.